Where’s Waldo???!


As a mother of 4 boys it is important to know and understand how “this” all works. “This” doesn’t just happen. ”This” requires a lot of work, awareness, balance, effort, patience, acceptance, yoga & meds. Awareness is key and the first step toward inner peace. (“This” being simple survival skills of the psyche.) Due to […]

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…’cuz I gave you life, that’s why!


Like a flock of seagulls assaulting a newly-opened-bag of chips on any hot summer day at the beach, I too am attacked the second I walk thru the door by relentless pandemonium from moody teens & their imbecile statements; They attack from all angles; ‘I’m starving! Why do I have to empty the dishwasher?! SQUAWK! He’s breathing on me! […]

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…wait for it…


Its pretty sad and pathetic, that in my quest for INNER PEACE and SELF DISCOVERY my own Doctor, a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL IN THE MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY, could actually look at me with a straight face when offering his PROFESSIONAL advice. While looking over his notes and intensively listening to my latest concerns and steps on […]

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2015 Eat Clean!


Cheers to 2015 “EAT CLEAN” & CHEERS to choosing to live a healthy, active, well balanced life…physically & mentally…it all comes together. Here’s some healthy eating and Clean Eating tips: Try to eat 5 small meals a day or 3 meals & 2 snacks. Be sure to eat every few hours so that your metabolism runs […]

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Road Trip!


This road to self-discovery sure is LONG! All these detours, bumps, ditches, dead-ends; its cold, its dark, all uphill-I have NO idea how to get there and I don’t even have directions! WTF??!!! Everyone from the back seat is screaming at me, telling me what to do, when to do it, and sometimes even ‘where […]

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Schweddy-Ballz…eat clean!


If you haven’t seen the Saturday Night Live skit-The Delicious Dish/Schweddy Balls, you’re probably wondering, ‘wtf is she talking about?!’AND you’ve been missing out on some good stuff..I strongly urge you to watch and enjoy the Schweddy-Ball skit! Laughing is THE BEST remedy for EVERYTHING. You’ll be rolling dough, rolling meatballs, picking up golf balls and […]

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2015 CORE-BootCamp at Pumps~Real Fitness for Women, Wakefield MA

Boot camp training with Dina Metrano at PUMPS

2015 Core-BootCamp 6 week session starts Tuesday-January 6 and/or Thursday January 8 from 10:30 – 11:30 at Pumps Wakefield, 60 Audobon Road. Meet us for a 1 hour intense training session increasing strength, endurance, power & flexibility. Starting Tuesdays and Thursdays January 6 & 8th, we will begin our journey toward TIGHTER TUSHES, AMAZING ABS, SCULPTED ARMS, & […]

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The ‘iPod-incident’


        Being a mother and raising a family is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It never occurred to me how overwhelming raising 4 boys could be! As if keeping track of them 24/7 and making sure they’re fed, clean & smart wasn’t enough, I’m responsible to make sure they’re “well-adjusted” and […]

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Friday Night Fundraiser for Susan Christofi White at Pumps Wakefield Dec. 12


Please join us in a fundraiser on Friday night, December 12 at 5:30 and 6:30 for the lovely and awesome Susan Christofi White at Pumps~Real Fitness for Women~Wakefield. What better way to spend a Friday night then a 5:30 Spin class with me and/or a 6:30 Zumba class with Barbara Intravaia Filosa! Tickets are ON SALE NOW. […]

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Help support Susan Christofi White in her battle against Pancreatic Cancer


  For the month of December, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED & HARD-CORE Clothing will be donating 15% of our proceeds to Susan Christofi White and her battle against Pancreatic Cancer. Everything purchased this month will help make a difference. Thank you for your support. Please email me: dmetrano@gmail.com to purchase any HARD-CORE Clothing, I […]

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