Pre & Post Workout foods


Pre – Workout: Whole Wheat Toast, Banana and Cinnamon Before working out, carbs are your best bet. Make sure to have a mixture of complex and simple carbs so that the release of energy during your workout is slow and steady throughout your routine. Whole-wheat toast with fruit gives you both types of carbs and [...]

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2014 *I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED* BootCamp at Pumps~Real Fitness for Women, Wakefield


BootCamp***2014***I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED***at Pumps~Wakefield, MA. 6 week I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BootCamp starting Monday  Feb. 24 & Wednesday Feb. 26 for 6 weeks at Pumps, Wakefield!!!! 10:45-11:45. Join us either day or both days for the next 6 weeks and get your body into shape. Our 6 week BootCamp consists of high-energy drills and exercises that [...]

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Perfect Prescription

After making yesterday EPICKKK, Joey had no intention on bringing anything positive today. During our daily breakfast/coffee conversation he informed me today would just be regular because he’s too tired and not because he got out of bed 17 times last night, or that he snuck into bed with me at 3:00 in the morning, [...]

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Have you heard the news? There’s an amazing SUPER DRUG that will make you healthier, stronger, less stressed, less anxious, lessen depression, boost self esteem, improve your sleep, give you more energy to get thru your day, and feel mentally and physically better! It’s called EXERCISE! When we EXERCISE we release chemicals called ENDORPHINS. Endorphins [...]

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Chick Pea chocolate chip Brownies

Here’s a great recipe shared by my cousin Michele who is probably more of a choco-holic than me, and she SWEARS you can’t tell the difference between these and regular brownies.  Let us know what YOU think! Enjoy!   Chickpea chocolate chip peanut butter brownies   1 16 oz can chickpeas (drained and rinsed) 3/4 [...]

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Teen/Tween BootCamp at Pumps~Real Fitness for Women, Wakefield MA 01940

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The importance of exercise is key to establishing a healthy & fit lifestyle. The younger one starts exercising, the better off he/she will be. Exercise has endless benefits, from producing endorphins that make you happy and peaceful (thus alleviating mild depression) to building self-esteem to making you feel physically stronger and more powerful.  Exercise is, [...]

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2014 NEW YEAR BootCamp at Pumps~Wakefield MA


BootCamp***2014***Happy New Year***at Pumps~Wakefield, MA. 6 week I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BootCamp coming your way starting Monday and/or Wed. Jan 6 & 8 thru Feb. 10 and/or 12 at Pumps, Wakefield!!!! 10:45-11:45WE can be ANYTHING WE WANT to be and do EVERYTHING WE NEED to do with a healthy body and strong mind! Sign [...]

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Dear Joey’s Friends Mom’s,


Twas the month of December, when all thru my home Elves are a twerkin’ and traveling like gnomes… Off to see Santa each night they all fly with magic and spirit to see the Fat Guy… An ipad, a mini he’s wishing and hoping, a football, signed shirts, (REAL ONES! not phonies!) A phone, a [...]

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ALL Girls Teen/Tween-BootCamp 2014


  ALL-Girls TEEN/TWEEN BOOT CAMP 2014 TRAINING at Pumps~Real Fitness for Women…what a PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER! Gift certificates are available, just stop in and purchase! 2014 is on its way! Its time to GET YOUR WORKOUT ON & ENJOY IT! Tell your daughters, nieces, neighbors and friends that BootCamp 2014 at Pumps is going down! [...]

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BootCamp “end of the year” Event


I hope this holiday season is finding you all in good health and spirits!!! Its a busy time of year and unfortunately for many of us, TOO BUSY  to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES!!! (THIS is where I come in!!!) NO EXCUSES! We must COMMIT TO BE FIT! There are 6 more Mondays/Wednesday until Christmas/New Years. [...]

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